Validating iOS In-App Purchases With Laravel

Let’s say you have an iOS app (like SimpliFit), you’re using Laravel (or any PHP framework) for your API, and you want to validate an iOS in-app purchase (IAP) with Apple’s servers. Where to begin? Well, you might think about checking Apple’s documentation on Validating Receipts With The App Store. But that won’t help, at least not much.

To say that Apple’s documentation around IAPs is lacking is an understatement. So I turned to Google and found numerous StackOverflow posts, Github repos and gists, and blog posts concerning validating IAPs, specifically with PHP. Unfortunately, many were several years old and no longer accurate, leaving me confused and with a puzzle with many missing pieces. But I’ve finally solved it. And to help everyone else going through this agony, here’s what I’ve learned.

But first, a quick review of our setup. On the front-end, SimpliFit’s iOS app is built using AngularJS and Cordova, with purchases being handled via the Cordova Purchase Plugin. The Cordova Purchase Plugin takes care of communicating with Apple’s Store Kit framework (which in turn communicates with Apple’s App Store, see image below). And on the back-end, our API is built with Laravel on AWS.

Communication between iOS app, Store Kit, and App Store


The IAP Process Breakdown

Let’s breakdown this process into 3 stages, as outlined in Apple’s documentation:

  1. First, the products that the user can purchase are retrieved and displayed.
  2. Once the user selects a product, a payment request is initiated.
  3. Upon successful payment, the product is delivered to the user

In-App Purchase Stages


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